What I’ve been reading…..

In Left Neglected by Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice, we read the story of a young couple who seems to have it all….great jobs, a nice home in an affluent suburb of Boston, three kids who need to be shuttled to various activities, the vacation home in the mountains.  And yet Sarah and her husband Bob have only time in the morning for a good-bye peck as their day hurtles off into overdrive.  Fortunately, or not, Sarah is an overachieving multitasker which ultimately is her undoing.  As she attempts to recover from a terrible car accident which results in a brain injury called left neglect, we see deeper into Sarah as a person.  She comes to realize what really is important in her life, like the relationship with her mother, quality time spent with her children and husband, taking a job for less money but doing something that matters.  It’s a good lesson for anyone who chooses to slow down long enough to pay attention.

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